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Audeze offers an unparalleled listening experience with their audiophile headphones. Audiophile headphones are high fidelity headphones custom made from only the highest quality components. These are truly luxury audio devices that reproduce sound signals with the highest possible accuracy. Audeze carries headphones for all your listening needs, whether you’re looking for over-ear, in-ear, open-back (the biggest sound), or closed-back (isolation sound so you don’t disturb anyone) sound. Audeze has products designed for audiophile listening, music creation, gaming/movies, and mobile usage.

Audiophile listening

Audeze headphones draw back the curtain that separates you from the music, delivering a truly lifelike high-fidelity listening experience

Some great options for the audiophile listener.

LCD-2: Meet the headphone that started it all. The LCD-2 was the very first headphone ever sold by Audeze, earning them the coveted position as the world’s leading manufacturer of planar magnetic headphones. Although it’s seen many revisions over the years, the LCD-2 retains the iconic warmth and tonal balance that have made it a customer favorite since its original release in 2008. If you’re looking for a high-end headphone for at home listening that exemplifies the Audeze experience and tradition, look no further than the LCD-2.

LCD-4z: Experience the unrivaled audio quality of the Flagship LCD-4 without the need for an amplifier. No other headphone in the world features such a robust and musically engaging sound signature in such an efficient package. With an impedance rating of just 15 ohms, the LCD-4z can be driven straight from the Aux port of your favorite listening device. If that’s not enough, Audeze’s cast-magnesium housing yields a design that is lighter-weight than their standard LCD-4, making the 4z well-suited for extended listening sessions.

Professional Audio

Music industry professionals trust Audeze to provide the transparency, neutrality, and accuracy they need to create the next chart topper.

Some great options for music creation:

LCD-4: The very definition of Uncompromised Audio. Representing more than 40 years of research and development in planar magnetic technology, the LCD-4 stands in a class of its own. Its proprietary Nano-Scale Uniforce diaphragm and Double Fluxor™ magnet array deliver an unprecedented level of detail and immersion that you have to hear to believe. Be warned – experiencing the LCD-4 may spoil every other headphone for you.

LCD-X: The LCD-X was the first Audeze headphone designed specifically with the needs of music creators in mind. Boasting Audeze’s most neutral drivers, the LCD-X reveals even minute details with crystal-clear transparency to ensure that your mix translates seamlessly across any speaker system. These drivers are among the most efficient we’ve ever produced, making them a perfect companion to your existing setup no matter if you’re working in a professional studio, on the road, or out of your bedroom.


The best in headphone technology meets the cutting-edge of 3D innovation to bring a revolutionary new level of immersion to the world of gaming audio.

The perfect option for gaming and movies:

Mobius: Mobius is the world’s most technologically advanced gaming headphone. It combines Audeze’s planar magnetic drivers with Waves NX 3D audio technology to deliver crystal clear audio with full 5.1/7.1 surround sound! Mobius can be used over USB, Aux, or Bluetooth for gaming, movie watching, or music listening.


The Audeze iSINEs are commonly referred to as the “in-ears for people who don’t like in ears” because of their superior sound quality and comfort. The ear tips rest at the entrance of the ear canal, unlike typical in-ears which sit inside the ear canal, effectively reducing fatigue over long listening sessions!

A great option for mobile use:

iSINE 20: The iSINE 20 is one step up from the iSINE 10, featuring an even longer Uniforce™ voice-coil that yields improved bass, clarity, and imaging. Zero distortion sound means you’ll feel closer to your music. Add the CIPHER Lightning cable with built-in amplifier and DSP and there’s no other in-ear headphone that even comes close to its performance.

The real art of high-end audio components is to add nothing to and take nothing from the original signal. For all who’d rather have nothing come between them and their music, Sennheiser has designed a stunning line of headphones that are almost not there — so you will be glad they are.

Audiophile headphones by Sennheiser are first and foremost committed to one thing: the musical truth. Let the light weight and comfortable fit of the headphones ease you into the extraordinary sound. Connect one of their special amplifiers, made with the finest technology and materials, to produce a signal strength appropriate for your output—Sennheiser audiophile headphones. These headphones channel the sound into your ear in an exceptional way, making you feel as if you were totally engulfed by sound. Chalk it up to a passion for the perfect and more than 70 years of building outstanding audio devices.

High-end headphones by Sennheiser fuse uncompromising sound quality and aesthetic design, showcasing award-winning technical innovations. For a truly audiophile listening experience, we recommend the use of a Sennheiser headphone amplifier.