Music Quality Authenticated • Sound. Too Good. But True. — Meridian 2012. Bob Stuart invites me into his lab at Meridian headquarters in Cambridge, England, and plays some music with a wry smile on his face. As Meridian’s number-one dealer in North America, I was treated to something whose relevance I did not fully comprehend at the time. More than 40 years ago, Bob Stuart and Allen Boothroyd founded Meridian Audio, the most important and innovative audio company [...]

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Small Business Saturday

Shop Small !   Sandwiched between Black Friday and Cyber Monday, Small Business Saturday may just be the most important shopping day of the three -- actually, of the year! We don't blame you for staying inside and drawing your blinds on Black Friday (it's a scary place out there, what with the threat of being trampled in the Walmart parking lot...). But once Saturday rolls around, whether or not the turkey coma has worn off, it's time [...]

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TEC Infrared Grills

TEC Infrared Grills • Nothing ever tasted so good.  I’m going to be straight with you. I’m a cook and a foodie. I mean, serious foodie. My last job was writing a series of more than a dozen articles on different ways to prepare salmon. So I know something about grills, and I love tec infrared grills. Freaking love them. The meat (especially steak!) my family has made with these grills rivals — dare I say, beats! — [...]

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Wolf / Sub Zero

Wolf  Sub Zero • The world's best kitchens start here. Imagine a gorgeous home. A fabulous living room with a magnificent view. A dinner party. Where are all the guests? In the kitchen. We’ve all been there. Something about the kitchen draws us there. It is the heart of the home. The place where we create not only sustenance for our bodies, but also sustenance for our souls. Everyone in my family loves to cook, so we spend [...]

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Genuwine Cellars

Genuwine Cellars ! • Born out of a love of fine wine and fine woodworking. Harsh lighting. an uncomfortable chill. A musty smell. A woman slowly descends as the stairs creak beneath her feet. Dust plumes in the air as she pulls a bottle of wine off the shelf. Then she hears a noise. The audience shouts, “Get out!” but the helpless heroine never listens. When it’s time to pop down to the wine cellar to get a [...]

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Robert Silverman Beethoven Sonatas

Silverman Beethoven Sonatas • By Rachel Silver with interview by Jason Victor Serinus The time is here! We are now making a set of 23 Beethoven piano sonatas available to the public in MQA, High-res, CD-quality, and MP3 formats (if there is enough demand we may release the other nine sonatas at a future date). The MP3 files are available for free, and the other recordings are available with a small donation to Silver Linings, our non-profit [...]

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