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As our name suggests, we know more about audio than just about anyone (except maybe our brilliant manufacturers). Our Mountain View location features one of the few showrooms left in the country that has a strong focus on 2-channel audio.


A 2-channel system can be part of a surround sound setup, or stand alone. We work with the best speaker manufacturers in the world that produce stunning feats of technology in both design and sound.


When picking out the right 2-channel system, some considerations are the look and performance of the speaker, the size and acoustics of the room, and what type of music you listen to. Remember our only rule: you must listen to the speakers! A speaker is right for you if you feel the music and connect with the sound. When you close your eyes and listen, you should get goosebumps… and your goosebumps should get goosebumps. That’s when you’ve found your perfect match.

2-Channel Speaker Brands We Recommend

Just as you loose yourself in a 2-channel audio system, a surround sound listening experience is just as powerful — if not more so! With the right setup, you feel yourself become part of the movie you’re watching; you’re completely enveloped in the experience.


If you’ve ever had the pleasure of watching a movie in an Dolby Atmos theater, you know what we’re talking about. The *groundbreaking* Atmos adds a new dimension to the surround sound world: height. Rather than limiting the sound to two dimensions, Atmos uses height speakers   to  create  a  three-dimensional   soundscape where an object can pass by you so realistically you’ll want to reach out and touch  it. But you  don’t need an Atmos system to experience the magnificence of  surround sound — come check out our home theater and immerse yourself in the magic.

Surround Sound & Theater Speaker Brands We Recommend

Some people think speakers should be heard, not seen. For many that means compromising on performance in favor of aesthetics. Fortunately, there are a few companies who are dedicated to giving us great sound in beautiful packages that disappear or enhance the design and elegance of a room.


Architectural speakers have little to no bezel and are perfectly flush with the wall. Sonance and Amina offer architectural speakers in many different colors and materials, making them truly versatile.


Invisible speakers are pretty freakin’ awesome (and are true works of art and science). These speakers (or subs) are integrated into your walls so they completely disappear. They can be installed in concrete, sheetrock, plaster, and even behind tile in a steam room! Invisible speakers are a great addition to a home theater.

Architectural & Invisible Speaker Brands We Recommend

Having a pool party or summer barbecue? You can take your music with you, too! Outdoor speakers don’t compromise sound, and they offer protection against the elements — even from salt spray and dust. Which means we can put them on your boat! We have also installed underwater speakers for those  avid  swimmers  out  there.  Anything  you  can  imagine,  we  can  deliver.

Outdoor Speaker Brands We Recommend

Bluetooth and wireless speakers are making a comeback — the right way. Until recently, bluetooth speakers compromised sound for portability. Although wired speakers of the same brand and caliber will always win (sorry…), there are some fantastic bluetooth and wireless speaker options out there—because sometimes you just want to take your music out with you and have some fun! And we’re ok with that. (After all, you have your 2-channel system waiting back home for serious listening.)


Portable bluetooth speaker recommendation: The KEF MUO needs a shoutout. This speaker produces unbelievably great sound for the size, style, and cost. There’s simply no competition.


Wireless bookshelf speaker recommendation: KEF’s LS50. This is an active speaker, which means all your components are built in; all you need is a phone (or other source), and you’re ready to listen! No other wireless speakers even come close at this price point. It packs a big punch, and makes any room look sophisticated.

Wireless & Bluetooth Speakers Brands We Recommend

Need more bass? Get a subwoofer! Come by our store to try some out.

Subwoofer Brands We Recommend