Project Description


Traditionally, technology devices are bulky and visually obtrusive, distracting from the overall design vision. TRUFIG was created to solve this challenge, and provide a design solution that preserves the aesthetics in your space.

Touch Panels + iPad Solutions: Turn your iPad into a smart touch controller while maintaining the elegance of your space.

Wiring Devices + Lighting Control Solutions: Traditionally, keypads and receptacles protrude from the wall causing visual distractions. With TRUFIG, devices with various industrial designs harmoniously blend into your space.

HVAC Solutions: HVAC vents and returns typically protrude from the wall and ceiling,
why not provide air flow that is not only functional but stylish.

Linear Diffuser Solutions: Unlike standard aluminum linear diffusers, TRUFIG linear diffusers are made of glass fiber reinforced gypsum, reducing the risk of cracking from expansion and contraction.

Blank Fascia Solution: With TRUFIG blank fascias, you can hide those rarely-used devices and power outlets whose location is often dictated by code.

Leon Media Décor products combine design with technology to elevate your living space.

Edge media frame: Enhance any display with a contemporary frame that lets the TV take center stage while the mounting and wiring hide away. The Edge Media Frame is handcrafted out of solid hardwood and encases any TV and sound bar in one simple design. By artfully framing all sides of the display while neatly concealing the mounting and wiring, Edge brings the finishing touch to any home entertainment system.

Ente for Sonos Amp: Ente is a collection of lifestyle products that bring enhanced sound and Leon’s signature style to the Sonos Amp. Bringing unparalleled style to your Sonos entertainment system, the Ente Series combines fine artword or a decorative grill with two channels to brilliant, room-filled sound optimized to work in perfect harmony with the Sonos Amp.

Moving Art Screens: Conceal your display behind beautifully printer artwork, bringing a designer’s touch to today’s technologies. At the touch of a button, Leon’s Moving Art Screens elegantly conceal any TV behind artword that is hand selected to suit your space, creating a completely customized entertainment environment. Choose from Leon’s extensive art galleries and their beautiful selection of designer frames to create a one-of-a-kind statement piece that perfectly complements your decor.

Eclipse Art Lifts: Tun your TV into an artistit focal point with artwork from your personal collection. Leon’s designer series of Eclipse Art Lifts keep your artwork on full display, while giving you the flexibility to create a modern home entertaining space. At the touch of a button, you can elegantly slide any piece of original artwork, mirror, or decorative panel to reveal and conceal the TV behind it—all with no visible tracks. Choose which model best suits your space: Eclipse Vertical for up-down, Eclipse Horizontal for left-right, or Dual Eclipse to split art down the center, moving it to either side of the display.

Surround Sound & Theater Speaker Brands We Recommend

IPORT provides the world’s only comprehensive line of products that transform iPad into a powerful home control solution for any smart home technology with products that mount, charge, and protect iPad, creating an amazing control experience.

IPORT SURFACE MOUNT was derived from a simple goal: Install iPad stationary on any surface, and make it look great. The bezel enclosure is comprised of precision-machined aluminum and is minimally designed to virtually disappear around iPad, blending iPad in with any wall or solid surface. Combined with our PoE charing platform, security locking features and even the option to flush mount using TRUFIG® mounting technology, SURFACE MOUNT is the ultimate solution to affix iPad in any home or commercial space.

LAUNCH: Hold, charge, and protect. This was the mantra that created IPORT LAUNCH, the world’s first wireless charger for iPad. With a unique combination of inductive charging and embedded magnets, LAUNCH delivers an effortless experience to mount and charge iPad on a table or wall and to quickly grab and go. Used by the world’s most admired companies for device deployments and found in some of the most prestigious homes, LAUNCH is ideal for any application anywhere dedicated iPads are installed.

LUXE: IPORT LUXE takes the IPORT removable iPad experience to the next level. With precision-machined aluminum compounds that comprise minimalist-designed enclosures and stations, LUXE blends in with any highly designed space. And LUXE goes beyond aesthetics delivering powerful business deployment features like PoE charging, articulating angular mounting and comprehensive, system-wide security locking features. IPORT LUXE is the ultimate expression of our mantra: hold, charge, and protect.