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Handcrafted in Erlangen, Germany – Clearaudio products are regarded as innovative, of true quality, and of setting the highest standards by hi-fi specialists and top class engineers alike. Based on this philosophy Clearaudio has been setting new standards in the analogue reproduction of music for more than 30 years. They offer a comprehensive range of high-end phono cartridges, tonearms and turntables, phono preamplifiers, class-A amplifiers, plugs, cables, racks and even the audiophile production of vinyl records.

Master Innovation Wood: Clearaudio’s Master Innovation Wood is the ultimate expression of the Innovation Wood platform. It features a magnetic platter drive system based upon the award winning and incomparable Statement turntable.


It takes the magnetic drive system from the ultimate Clearaudio Statement with an additional 15mm stainless steel sub-platter. The upper platter uses 85mm Ceramic Magnetic Bearing (CMB) and the  3 speed DC motor offers Optical Speed Control (OSC) and push button electronic speed selection. The 4 Tri-star plinths feature solid Panzerholz and aluminum sandwich construction to minimize resonance and vibration. The master Innovation Wood is capable of supporting 3 tonearms to allow for convenient and optimal playback of a wide range of source material and formats. More importantly, the Master Innovation Wood is on demonstration at Audio High in San Jose so you can audition it today.

Concept: At the other end of the scale we are also proud to demonstrate the Clearaudio Concept turntable that offers stunning German design and build quality in a remarkably affordable and easy to live with package. Available without cartridge or factory fitted with either the Concept MM or MC cartridges, it can be ready to play straight out of the box.

conceptMM_whtIn searching for an appropriate product to offer new or ‘born again’ vinyl fans, we fell in love with the Concept as it offered a great deal of performance and quality at a bargain price.

Other Products: As well as a full range of turntables between the Concept and Master Innovation Wood, Clearaudio has many accessories to make the most of your analog listening. From phono pre-amplifiers and cartridges to record clamps and cleaning machines, they have everything you could possibly need to get the most out of your record collection.

Digital versus analog is one of the great debates of our time. If you’ve never experienced vinyl or analog on a high-end system, it’s worth a listen. Analog has a very different sound (and feel) than a digital source and produces a *different* soundstage. (We’d better stop talking!) Come  give our vinyl  a spin.  Or bring your own!

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