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Don’t underestimate the importance of a chair. When you watch a movie, you should lose yourself in the movie world… and not be thinking about what you’re sitting on. If you’re thinking about it, it’s failing you and your movie experience. Whether your dream theater has high-end beanbags, love seats, or classic leather loge seating, we can make it happen. Dream big!

Home Theater Seating Brands We Recommend

Equipment racks are the most understated (but appreciated!) part of your system. We’ve all struggled to keep our cables organized (and attempted some wacky home methods to conquer the mess), but our install team takes organization to a whole new level.


Our Middle Atlantic racks are pristine. Elegant. Glorious. And everything will be exactly where you want it.

Component shelves don’t want to be hidden in a closet — use them as a centerpiece to enhance your 2-channel system! Grand Prix Audio dominates this field and offers sleek, sexy designs you can’t help but showcase.

Equipment Rack & Stand Brands We Recommend

Noise control and room isolation are key to a home theater — and can be the make or break if you’re allowed to have one in the house :). A room without acoustic treatments has little to nothing to absorb the sound, and sound reflects and bounces all around the room. This is bad because instead of sound going straight from the source into your ear, the sound waves bounces off the wall and those reflections go into your ear as well. This creates a muddy sound. Using absorbers and diffusors, we can control and manage the unwanted reflections (you want some!) to create the perfect listening room, and the perfect sweet spot!

Acoustic Treatment Brands We Recommend