Project Description


Headphones: Plug your phone into the most expensive pair of headphones that you can find, and you’ll be disappointed. Why? Because great headphones need great power.

In order to get the best sound from both your source and your headphones, you’ll want a DAC, an amp, and a preamp. When you plug headphones directly into your phone, the headphones use the DAC/amp/preamp from your phone… and it’s complete crap. No matter how expensive your headphones are, the sound will just not sound great. But, if you provide your headphones with the power necessary to drive it to excellence (the amp), and a great DAC and preamp (or some combination of the three), your headphones will not let you down.

Speakers: In the same way great headphones need great power, great speakers need exceptional power! And an exceptional source. Driving a pair of expensive speakers with crappy components (or the components in your phone… cringe) is like driving a Porshe with Toyota tires… it just won’t perform. Come into our store and hear the difference for yourself — picking out the right components for your speakers is something only you can decide. But we can help you get there.

Component Brands We Recommend